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AGOL WORLD is set on a mission to connect the countries to ease the process of the international trade involved.Our Goals are simple, with our persistence and passion we want to make every experience related to import or export worthwhile for our clients and give them the most convenient and trustworthy business associate for their all on board courier services.

What is an On board courier service (OBC)?

It is evident how much there is this requirement of making sure to build a dependant structure for all the businesses that require international trade. The pacing technology can transfer information in a matter of seconds from one place to another, but when it comes to transportation of confidential information and files and goods that are not as large as most but still need complete security, the system somewhere doesn't seem that reliable. Therefore, there needs an introduction of some third party, that dedicatedly transfers the goods with complete care and responsibility.

AGOL WORLD, with hands-on experience in the import and export business, provides exceptional On Board Courier Services. When an emergency strikes and you need to deliver something important and at an urgency? Do not worry, we with our outstanding and unparalleled services will provide you complete support and make sure your goods will be delivered on time.

Because we understand the importance of time-sensitive projects, our extremely well-trained management team and our well-built technology and structural network provide complete aid and make sure that the experience you have in On board courier services is fruitful in every possible way.

What do we do?

AGOL WORLD provides an experience that excels and stays with our clients for longer periods. We have a system that is structured to have supervised the delivery of the goods that require delivery in strict time constraints. We also take over the delivery of sensitive and valuable consignments that are time-critical. Our on board Courier Services are traceable and quick.

Quick Response: Any client reaching us to take our on board Courier service is important to us, every project is treated as the most significant one. And we will make sure to provide complete attention and aid until required to give you the best customer service.

Saviour of time: Most consignments that are related to on board courier services have time constraints. They are all crucial and sensitive projects that need to be carried out in a limited time frame, and with our network that are reached the corners of the globe and is made to abide by the restricted time allotted and complete the task.

Deliveries that can be tracked: Yes, sounds unbelievable right? If you prefer to get updated constantly about where exactly is your deliverable, we can keep you updated with that. Via any mode of communication that is apt for you, we will keep you posted about your progress.

The security that anyone can rely on: We are very cautious about the deliverables because we understand the significance of the same. So we prioritize the security and privacy of the consignments and carry out the delivery effectively.

Why choose AGOL WORLD On-Board Courier services?

We at AGOL WORLD strive hard to give the best of experience and services that anyone can trust. We manage and deliver the goods as they belong to us, that level of security and precision is followed. Of all the reasons that will know why would you need to choose AGOL Worldwide, here are a few that we could present to make you understand AGOL WORLD and its processes better.

Well-built international network: With a network that is spread out globally, we can reach out to places more quickly and efficiently than most. And most importantly we trusted a brand that most people rely on for the best of services.

Well-knit team: Success or the Failure of the company is entirely dependent on the employees that work for the company, and for tasks that require attention and dedication it becomes even more crucial. But we have a team that we always rely on; their hands-on experience makes sure they ace every task they work on.

Expert knowledge: With an experience of years we have been able to understand the process well and make sure to provide the best and the most reliable services you can trust.

Cost-effective solutions: Mergers with different companies WORLD allow us the freedom to provide services that are best yet cost-effective.

Professionals that assist you: We only rely on the experts, every job that is done, is regulated by a professional of the particular field only.

How do On Board Delivery Services Work?

On Board, Delivery Services is the most trusted, secured, and fastest way to deliver goods from one place to another. And they provide delivery of everything even the smallest parts of products can be delivered using On Board Courier Services. The process of delivering the goods right from picking it up from the person to delivering it to the right place involves many steps. And there is the need that the company involved in the process complies with all the rules and regulations national or international.

The deliverable once sorted according to their sizes are checked throughout to inform the customer if any irregularities are found. Then items are then sent for delivery where they are checked for weight and additional costs are added for extra weighing baggage. Then after reaching the desired place they are picked up the taxis or any rental vehicles and then are sent to their respective places.

And On Board Courier Service Provider does check the delivery object to make sure that it does not go against the prohibition policies of the places it is being delivered to. It is very much required to stick by the rules to get the deliverable sent to the place safely. Cargo delivery is prohibited to avoid any explosives or dangerous or toxic materials.

However, there are specific deliverables that on board courier service suits well. A few of them are Product Prototypes, Spare equipment parts, certain documents, Personal deliverables, etc.

Benefits to the shipper:

In almost all the cases where on board Courier services are used, the deliverable is of some important or unique identity that needs special attention and care. Most of the consignments are time-sensitive too, so the service provider needs to keep track of all these aspects to make sure to provide a valuable and trustworthy experience to the customer.

So the customer can rely completely on the on board courier service provider and the process becomes hassle-free too.

AGOL WORLD is delicately providing on board courier services that resonate with the people and companies to make sure to add value to lives and support every business big or small in unique ways possible. Transportation was never this easy, AGOL Worldwide, connecting global, to connect hearts.